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Chefchaouen - The province of Chaouen, Chefchaouen or Xauen in the mountain range of the Rif
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The Rif, for the lovers of the nature

The province of Chefchaouen -or Chaouen or Xauen - is mainly mountainous, since it is located in the Mountain range of the Rif, mostly in the north of Morocco. The most elevated point is the Jbel Lakraa with 2159 ms.

In order to protect the zone the National Park of Talassemtane has been created.



The interior of the province offers impressive natural landscapes with multiple possibilities for the fans of hiking and nature. Although, until now, it has not had the attention that it deserves. We present and displayed to you some of the numerous possible routes in this section of excursions.

The numerous rivers - oueds - on land and underground have created very spectacular canyons, rocky caves and formations like the famous Bridge of God in the Oued Farda.

Aside from the ample extensions of forests of cedars and firs a few common species can be found on some of the levels superior to 1500m: Maroccana Abies, a variant of the Spanish species Abies pinsapo, a relic of colder periods.

In the limestone mountains oaks can be found, pines and acebuches (wild olive trees) and an ample variety of aromatic and medicinal plants.

For birdwatchers (ornithology) el áquila real, elanios common and buzzards among others birds can be sighted here.

In some zones of forests and precipices the monkey of Rif,known as macaco can also be seen (Macaca sylvanus), named locally "mgou".

The province of Chefchaouen has 120 km coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. It runs from the delta of the Oued Laou to the Cabo de los Pescadores, close to El Jabha.The particular coast line has a wild landscape and it confers a peculiar beauty which alternates between cliff edges,beaches and river deltas .

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