Excursions in Chefchaouen, Bridge of God, Oued Laou and the beach of Targha
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Excursions from Chefchaouen

Recommended daily excursions :

Akchour and the Bridge of God
The Bridge of God is an impressive rock arc, 25m above the river Oued Farda, that eroded the rock until forming this work of natural art. It serves as a bridge between both sides of the precipice for residents and hikers.
Arriving by car in more or less half an hour from Chaouen, it is possible to choose between two walks.Firstly, from the small dike at the entrance of the precipice of the Oued Farda, which has the possibility of getting you wet a little bit when jumping from rock to rock, or climbing the right side of the river by way of the mountain. The two walks have great beauty and are inviting for a day trip.There are a few restaurants nearby for those travellers who don´t take a packed lunch.
Oued Laou and the beach of Targha

A pleasant excursion for saturday to Oued Laou with its famous zoco and the beaches of the Mediterranean sea.
On hot days in the summer you might desire to spend a good day on the beach (a little more than one hour by car from Chaouen).You can eat fresh fish and enjoy the impressive landscapes . The town of Oued Laou in itself does not have many attractions aside from its pretty beaches, but it emits a tranquile atmosphere that replenishes you for other adventures.
Going further east on the coast you will find the town of Targha with a great beach dominated by a fort built in the fiftens century on top of a great natural rock.

To visit the National Park of Talassemtane walking

From Ras-el-Maa you can go up on a small footpath that takes you to the mosque or by the track which starts behind the camping on the other side of Chaouen. You will find a lot of virgin nature with native species like the pinsapo.

Also it is worth the trouble to make trips of several days, sleeping outside in the mountains under a star mantle not very often seen.

For the lovers of nature the province of Chaouen is like a treasure without being discovered yet .
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